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Monthly Archives:: August 2016

Accounts warning signs

By admin on August 29, 2016

Accountants get to see their business owner’s financial results at least once a year. Here are some signs that suggest that it may be worth investing some time reviewing the business strategy.

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The Lean Canvas – Part 3

By admin on August 20, 2016

This post follows the previous two on the Lean Canvas.

The last three building blocks of the Lean Canvas are – Key Metrics, Cost Structure and Unfair Advantage.

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The Lean Canvas – Part 2

By admin on August 1, 2016

This post carries on from Lean Canvas part 1 and covers the next three building blocks.

These are – Unique Value Proposition, Revenue Streams and Channels.

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The Lean Canvas – Part 1

By admin on August 1, 2016

Ash Maurya created the Lean Canvas by adapting the Business Model Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder.

The idea is that you replace the traditional business plan with a one-page document which only takes 20-minutes to put together.

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A specific purpose

By admin on August 1, 2016

This post links to the post about the Personal Goals Canvas.

If you haven’t read that post click here to find out what the canvas is about and to get a copy.

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The Personal Goals Canvas

By admin on August 1, 2016

Your business is there to serve your lifestyle; to give you want you want financially and non-financially.

To help you we have created a resource called “Personal Goals Canvas” which covers the core categories of personal goals.

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