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Monthly Archives:: January 2017

Deadlines and penalties

By BobHarper on January 6, 2017

The January deadline for personal Self-Assessment returns will soon be on us so I thought I’d share some of the worst excuses for late returns the tax office have heard.

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Quarterly away days

By BobHarper on January 5, 2017

After creating a long term (big picture) vision for your business you can develop a more specific three-year picture with a detailed one-year plan which you can break into quarters.

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Is it time to change the music?

By BobHarper on January 5, 2017

I have discovered a tool called Type Form which can be used in a number of ways including online forms, surveys, registrations, online orders, quizzes and polls.

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Is Goal Driver right for you?

By BobHarper on January 3, 2017

Goal Driver software is a tool to help business owners get a grip of their business so you feel more in control, happier and less stressed.

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