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Goal Based Management

Michael Gerber is widely regarded as one of the leading figures in the world of small businesses. He was named World’s Number One Small Business Guru by Inc. Magazine.

Perhaps his most famous bit of advice or saying is “Work ON your business not IN it”.  This means get out of doing the technical work of the business and invest your time growing and developing the business.

In Michael Gerber’s bestselling book The E-Myth, he made the point that every business is made up of systems. There are three types of systems:

  • Hard systems – inanimate objects like computers or furniture
  • Soft systems – these can be checklists, processes and scripts
  • Information systems – these provide the business with data about the hard and soft systems.

Ever since computers became available companies have been creating software to help businesses with their systems. Today, most businesses use a number of different software application which fall into three categories:

  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Finance

Marketing software includes:

  • Content Management System for Websites
  • Customer Relationship Management for sales and customer support
  • Email marketing and Social Media applications.

Operational software includes:

  • Job management and workflow
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Word Processor and Spreadsheets.

Financial software includes:

  • Bookkeeping and accounting software
  • Time recording software
  • Online shopping carts.

But what about management systems?

I’d like to introduce you to Goal Driver, a business management system that is designed to sit above all other systems in the business. It’s the system for managing systems and it’s missing in 99% of businesses.

The 5-steps to using Goal Driver are:

Step 1 – Get clear on what you want

Step 2 – Develop your business model and strategy

Step 3 – Build your business plan

Step 4 – Define the goals and drivers

Step 5 – Implement, manage and adapt

This is not an event or fixed time because what you want and the market in which you operate are constantly changing.

Get in touch if you’d like a demonstration.


Image from Flickr by Martin Abegglen.

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