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14 ways using agendas will help you build a better business

Every business has one thing in common, they all have meetings. Meetings with:

  • Prospects
  • Existing customers
  • Suppliers
  • New and current employees
  • Department and management
  • Investors the bank and the board.

Meetings are where decisions are made and key tasks set so there is a good argument that the better the meetings the better the business. Having an agenda will help you have the best meeting possible.

Here are 14 benefits of using an agenda

  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Sets a professional tone
  • Helps you focus on the objective
  • Get engagement from attendees
  • Allow others to prepare
  • Encourages attendees to prepare
  • Ensure only relevant attendees
  • Follow up on previous tasks
  • Set expectations for everyone
  • Ensure important topics are covered
  • Stay focused and on track
  • Avoid wasting time
  • Capture decisions
  • Create tasks

If you would like to start using agendas here is an online system I use and you can set you own agendas up.

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