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3 questions to ask yourself

Questions get us thinking and here are three questions you can ask yourself about how well your business is working for you.

Very often, we are consumed thinking about how our business is working for our customers but YOU are your business’ most important customer. You see, all businesses are created to solve problems, for example, I solve people’s accounts and tax problems but it also solves my problem which is how do I pay my bill, enjoy life, support my family and build enough of a nest egg to one-day stop working?

I am my businesses most important customer because I buy into my business every day and it solves a bigger problem for me than it solves for you. So, does your business for you. So, here are three questions to consider:

Question 1 – in the ideal world, how much extra money would you like every week or month?

Whatever the answer dig a bit deeper and ask yourself what you would do with the extra money and why that’s important to you. You may find it isn’t really that important or you may discover you are really not satisfied with your business’ financial performance.

Question 2 – how do you feel about the amount of time your business requires you to put in?

Again, whatever the answer dig a bit deeper and ask yourself what you would do with the extra time and why that’s important to you. If you love what you do you may be happy working 7-days a week. But, you may feel that you want to spend time doing different things, either in the business or outside the business.

Question 3 – how clear are you on your financial future?

Many people live for today, and I believe it’s important to enjoy the here and now but it also makes sense to have a plan for the future. Most people want to enjoy life later when they stop working and don’t want to be a burden on their children. Do you have clarity?

If you are not happy with any of your answers get in touch as we can explore developing a plan to help you have better answers.

Image from Flickr by Scott McLeod.

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