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6 reasons why you should have staff meetings

1. Helps keeps everyone in the organisation informed on what’s going on.People can all be kept up to date at the same time rather than information slowly making its way around.

2. Helps the organisation achieve its goals by aligning everyone. An organisation is far more likely to succeed if everyone is is crystal clear about the organization’s goals and what part they play in that and how they can help push forward.

3. Opportunity to identify, discuss and solve issues in an open forum.When problems arise they are better off out in the open so everyone can discuss them and try and solve them together.

4. Gives you a chance to bond.Getting together helps people to remember they are part of a team, that they are not working alone. It’s also an opportunity to share work and personal things together and helps create a cohesive team atmosphere.

5. Give the team the chance to work together an innovate together. It’s not all about solving problems, get together and open up get new ideas from people and open them up for discussion.

6. Provides an opportunity to provide performance feedback to each  other. Quite often in organizations if there is issues between people there will be lots of moaning , criticizing and backstabbing. Being able to open talk to each other and provide feedback to each other is key. It’s not just for the bad stuff either , tell each other when you have done well. All often people are happy to provide the knife in the back , but not the pat on the back.

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