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A specific purpose

This post links to the post about the Personal Goals Canvas.

If you haven’t read that post click here to find out what the canvas is about and to get a copy.

One of the keys to being successful  with goal setting is to get specific – this will a) let you know when you’ve been successful and b) helps you work out how much action you need to take now.

For example, someone recently completed the canvas and wrote that their purpose is to:

  • Help people live empower and fulfilled lives
  • Provide employment
  • Give people enjoyment and freedom

These are amazing but there are not really defined so the questions are:

  • What does empowered/fulfilled, enjoyment and freedom mean?
  • How many jobs are you going to create?
  • Are the jobs created directly or indirectly?

Empowered is about having power which means having the strength to make decisions. What decisions are you talking about?

It could be being able to turn work or customers away that are not enjoyable to work with.

Could this be the key to feeling fulfilled, enjoying life and feeling free?

If so then put some numbers to empowerment in terms of projects/customers turned down.

This can lead to breakthroughs – for example this person could develop service and support to help clients create better and more quality enquiries.

I would also challenge the purpose of creating jobs – that is a great objective on its own but is that really the focus? Could there be a conflict of interest between creating jobs and the other goals?

Write down your purpose and challenge yourself.

  • What specifically do you mean?
  • How can you measure it?

If you’d like to discuss your canvas get in touch.


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