A spotlight on Futrli


Futrli is a cash flow forecasting tool which used to be called Crunch Boards.

The founders say their purpose is to help business owners forecast tomorrow, understand today and action a better future for their business. This fits with our approach to accounting which is to focus on the future.

Inside Futrli you have Boards, Cards and Folders.

Cards are reports and they can include financial or non-financial data. The financial data is sucked in from systems like Xero and non-financial data is imported from spreadsheets.

Boards are Dashboards and they are a collection of cards. Folders are where you store Boards.

As well as standard forecasting the software deals with more complex situations such as deferred income. This is where a business receives money for goods and/or services not get delivered.

This is very important because for accounts purposes revenue is recognised when the service or product has been provided. This can happen in the construction industry with deposits.

The software is easy to use and very powerful allowing you to link accounts. This means calculations can be made within the software, for example, wages as a percentage of sales. This allows you to make dynamic forecasts so that when you change one number others are automatically updated.

Although consolidated forecasts are not needed for most small businesses, Futrli can combine multiple business forecasts into one.


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