Are you coachable?


Outside the standard accounts and tax work we do is the input to help businesses improve the numbers.

Outside the standard accounts and tax work we do is the input to help businesses improve the numbers.

The approach to this work is very different to accounts and tax where I am a consultant. If you have an accounting or tax issues I will be very prescriptive. There may be more than one option and I will explain the pros and cons or each and then make a recommendation.

However, with the improving the numbers work, the focus is helping you find the answers.  This is business coaching but it’s not suited to everyone.

Here are some warning signs that someone may not be ready for the type of support we can offer:

Not interested in personal growth
Coaching is all about learning, discovery and personal growth. The saying is “personal growth leads to business growth.

One of the first areas for discussion is the structure of the business and the role of the business owner. You need to be open-minded and willing to challenge yourself and grow personally. Perhaps you need to get out of your own way?

Open minded and vulnerable
To benefit from coaching you first need to be open to thinking differently and thinking about different things. For example, are you comfortable looking at your own mindset and beliefs?

Willing to experiment
Learning happens when we take action; we need feedback. So, are you happy to try out new ideas rather than just talking about them?

Responsible, determined and commitment
At the heart of coaching is taking responsibility and commitment – the coach cannot do it for you.

The great thing about taking responsibility is that it puts you in control. But, ultimately, to get a different result we need to do different things over the long term and this takes commitment. Take for example giving up smoking or losing weight, you need to be determined and committed every day until the cravings disappear.

If you want to explore improving your numbers get in touch.

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