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Blueprint – part 3

This is the third of four articles designed to help you kick off 2018 with a Blue Print for business success inspired by James Ashford’s manifesto for growing a thriving accountancy firm.

This article covers maximising your team which at the end of the day is probably the most import element because every business is a people business.

The process of building a great team starts with recruiting the right people and the key use is to hire slowly; make sure the person is the right fit.

James Ashford makes the suggestion to record a video for the job and to ask candidates to send video applications. He also suggests having two separate interviews; one focussed on values for culture fit and one for technical skills. But, only interview on skills if you believe the culture fit is right.

After the second interview consider meeting the candidates spouse or partner in a social setting because this could be a life-long relationship.

To have a great team you need great people but don’t look to hire great candidates, instead be happy to recruit good people and make them great with training and development. Ensure your people commit to 2-4 hours of personal development a week. And, although this is not a suggestion from James, I recommend having a documented training plan and assessing progress very quarter.

The opposite of recruitment is parting company with employees and this should be done quickly and based on values. This is why regular performance reviews where values are discussed are so important.

It’s only when you use your values to hire, fire, and review, reward/recognise people that they become really powerful.

Image from Flickr by Will Scullin.

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