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Data driven management

John Spence is one of the top 100 thought leaders in America. He says “the number one factor in creating highly engaged, satisfied and loyal customers is to have highly engaged, satisfied and loyal employees”.

Management is all about creating the environment for results and this can be achieved by basing management on data; numbers.

Numbers create clarity around what’s expected which builds commitment and increases accountability.

The right people in the right seats will be your top performers and they appreciate numbers. They can communicate how well they are doing so you can praise them. The wrong people in the wrong seats usually resist them. This allows you to quickly identify who needs support.

Numbers also creates a healthy team culture; camaraderie and positive competition with a little peer pressure.

Numbers produce results because what gets watched improves because you’ll identify problems faster and be more proactive. And, you’ll be able to measure if new ideas are working.

Based on this, Goal Driver has developed a methodology for management (and the software) to help you install an effective management system into your business. This means you don’t need to rely on recruiting the best managers, you just teach them the system.

Before setting individuals targets make sure you have communicated your vision. This brings context to management because everyone knows where the business is going and how it’s going to get there.

Make sure people understanding the link between their numbers and the vision. This is goal alignment and it’s incredibly powerful when the business goals align with the individuals.

Set targets throughout the business in all factions by asking the questions:

  • What results are we looking to achieve in this function of the business?
  • What individual actions drive results?
  • What effectiveness measures allow us to see how well these actions are being performed?
  • What level of action and effectiveness is good, below expectations and unacceptable?

If you’d like a discussion about data driven management get in touch.

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