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Do your prices include your pension?

I was speaking to a colleague the other day and he told me an interesting anecdote to share with clients so I thought I’d write a post.

If you look really closely at an aeroplane ticket you’ll see that is states the price includes the cost of retirement of the pilot and cabin crew. You see the airline have to pay into a pension for their employees and the only way they can fund that it to include it in their ticket prices.

So, the question for you to ask yourself (as your employer) is do your prices include the cost of your retirement?

You’ve probably included the cost of your materials, employees and overheads but have you included the cost of your financial future. This is probably one of the most important costs your business should be paying, isn’t it?

Your customers need to fund your retirement, ensure that your prices are sufficient to enable you to fund your own pension planning.

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Image from Flickr by Blake Handley.

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