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One way to make more profits is to learn from giants like Facebook, Google and Apple – they get their customer habitually using their products. But, this is not just for technology providers, the Nectar Card or even Credit Cards.

Research suggests that we spend 50% to 90% of our waking lives on autopilot so there is a business case to build habit into our products and services. Perhaps with the aim of getting customers addicted!

If you want to appreciate how powerful this is, a study by Nottingham Trent University found people checked their phones on average 85 times a day! If you are curious how often you use your phone you can use an App which will tell you how often you unlock your phone and how long you spend on it.

Author Nir Eyal has written a book called “Hooked – How To Build Habit-Forming Products”. His research suggests there is a 4-phase process. The first two phases are trigger and action. The action delivers a reward (which is phase 3) and then there’s an investment (phase 4), which reinforces the process.

The trigger can be a push notification in an App but best is an internal trigger, which could be the fear or missing out or wanting praise from others in the form of a Facebook like.

Ideally, action needs to be easier than thinking which means the action must:

• Use less time
• Use less money
• Need less physical effort
• Need less brain effort
• Be socially acceptable
• Connect with existing routines

After the action we need a reward and ideally these should not be predictable. You need to understand your customer or users to match the right reward. Finally investment – the best way of explaining this is to consider the Ikea effect that we value things more that we invest in.

There is an element of this in with the reward of seeing a green circle for KPIs and Key Objectives which gives people a feel good boost every day.

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