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How much better off could you be?

One of the elements of Improving the Numbers is personal finance – planning and budgeting.

We have software to help you think and create a cashflow forecast for the rest of your life. This enables you to work out how much money you need to live the life you want without ever running out of cash.

We call this your Life Number.

When you have this you can figure out how your business can give you the money (and time/freedom) you want to fulfil your personal goals.

When doing this, it’s good to have a close look at how you are sending your money.  Most of us are not smart as we could be with our expenditure – we waste some and spend more than we need to.

The opportunity cost of poor money mismanagement over the years can be significant. It can take many years off your mortgage and/or put tens of thousands of pounds into your pocket when you retire.

At Ten Accountants we like the saying “to live your dreams we first need to wake up”. To us this means becoming what we call “money conscious”. That means not making the mistake of spending money without thinking.

A great way to become money conscious is to create a personal budget and report against it. This can be done using Xero by connecting your personal bank and credit cards to Xero. After a few months you will start to see exactly where you spend your money.

The next step is to sit down and start to really think about what you’re spending smart. Are you buying too much food or can you buy the same food for less? Is having a fancy coffee really that enjoyable? Could you use the car less?

Remember, the less you need personally the easier it is for your business and the more choices you’ll have.

If you’d like to work on your personal finance get in touch. I’m happy to create a free licence of our Life Planning software so you can start to work out your number.


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