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How to be a goal getter

I read an interesting article on by speaker and maximum performance strategist Matt Mayberry.

In his own words, at the age of 16 Matt was full-blown drug addict but goals helped him turn his life around. He played in the NFL, got a publishing deal and now runs his own successful business.

He believes the biggest reason why people do not achieve their goals is not because most people don’t know how to properly set attainable goals for themselves to begin with. What you need is a clear and actionable plan or you just have hope and a wish.

So, one of the first challenging questions for us all to consider is do we have a documented business plan with milestones supported with a detailed action plan? If not then you greatly increase your chances of NOT achieving your goals.

But, Matt goes on and says that the most important part of goal getting is not the plan but the desire – you need the desire and discipline to take relentless daily action.

Do you want your goals badly enough?

Have your created goals that tap into your emotions? For most people, making money does not create enough desire – there needs to be something you want to do with the money. So, looking inside yourself and ask why you are in business and find the motivation.

Goals changed Matt’s life – if you want to change your business and your life perhaps our business planning and management software can help you.

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