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How to make sure you hit your business-to-business sales targets – part 2

The first part explored undertaking market research to identify the segments in the market so you can target them effectively. This part is about the Ideal Client Persona (ICP).

The benefits of developing an ICP are:

  • Better understanding of customers’ needs and wants
  • Knowing where customers spend their time
  • Better quality leads
  • Better product development

When you have a deep understanding of the client you may find the problems they talk about are really symptoms, the underlying problem is something else.

For example, with the business advisory service we provide we often here that cashflow is a problem when that is really a symptom of something else. It could be not enough leads, poor sales, a weak brand, working with the wrong clients or maybe all that is good and the business is expanding without enough capital.

Knowing where your ICP spends there time will enable you to allocate your marketing resources to the right channels.

The right messages, delivered to the right people is a consistent way across multiple platforms are marketing collateral will generate better quality leads.

And, when you focus on your ICP you can filter the noise and product enhancement requests to the ones that will have the most impact.

So, how do you create an ICP?
Creating an ICP is about research, good asking questions and listening. Some key areas are:

  • Background of the person
  • Demographics
  • Personality traits
  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Motivation
  • Information sources

You will know when you have an ICP when you can easily answer these questions:

  • Who specifically do you work with?
  • What key challenge do you help them overcome?
  • What outcome do they get from working with you?
  • How do you deliver the solution so it works?

Here is a useful tool to help.

Image from Flickr by Greg.

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