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How to recruit superstars

Here’s a suggested process to help you recruit superstars for your business


As with most things, preparation pays so make sure you are clear on your ideal candidate. This is why we recommend defining your core values before recruiting anyone.

Be scientific

Use psychometric profiling to bring some objectivity to your recruitment decisions. There are two types of assessments; personality and aptitude.

First interview

Host a 30-45 minute interview where you are some key questions to help you decide which candidates to pursue. Use this meeting to sell your company and the job.

Telephone interview

This is an opportunity to assess the candidate’s telephone manner including their voice tome. This also keeps up the momentum in the recruitment process.

Second interview

This is where your team gets involved and you get the candidate to do some work. You can also ask more in-depth questions. As well as work, consider some social time with a bite to eat and/or an after work drinks.

Make sure your team give you feedback on the candidates.

Make an offer

Meet face to face with the offer and deal with any concerns and get a verbal commitment. This meeting could be held outside of the office to encourage a more relaxed.

It’s worth investing in the recruitment process because people drive your business.

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