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Is Goal Driver right for you?

Goal Driver software is a tool to help business owners get a grip of their business so you feel more in control, happier and less stressed. This post is designed to help you see if it’s right for you.

First you need a problem – the most common are:

  • Lack of control – the business is controlling you
  • People problems – your employees and/or customers are not on the same page as you
  • Poor results – despite all the hard work the profit isn’t enough and cashflow is weak
  • Invisible barrier – you can’t get to the next level
  • Stagnated – nothing is really working to move the business forward

But, the problem needs to be worth solving so the first step is to think about each problem and what it means for you at a personal level. Maybe you have got used to the pain which is why we recommend you speak to your family and friends. It could be that you’re resigned to the business controlling you, poor results or giving your business all your energy but your spouse (or health) is close to having enough!

If you have a problem worth solving then the next step is to check if you can be helped. Here are some questions to look in the mirror and ask:

  • Are you prepared to open up, be honest and venerable?
  • Are you capable for receiving constructive criticism?
  • Are you open minded?
  • Are you growth orientated as an individual and for your business?
  • Are you prepared to try new things and stick to them?
  • Are you going to make key personnel changes if needed?
  • Are you comfortable taking on additional risks?
  • Are you able to let go, delegate and trust people?
  • Will you be happy letting go of the business?

If you think you have a big enough problem and you think you personally are a good fit then get in touch and let’s see if Goal Driver can help you.


  • We are committed to helping you grow your business

  • We are highly qualified and experienced

  • Specialist in tax planning

  • Fair and reasonable pricing policy