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Is it time to change the music?

I have discovered a tool called Type Form which can be used in a number of ways including online forms, surveys, registrations, online orders, quizzes and polls.

There was an interesting article about how a business could use customer feedback to grow. The example given was a bowling alley owned by Benny which was under-performing – people where not showing up for events like the midnight bowling. This was worrying because the sport’s popularity had dropped by 25%.

The answer came from learning more about his customers – pinpointing the right problem to solve and solving it in the right way. This is what effective product development is about – listening to customers and developing something the market wants before the market knows it wants it.

When you adopt this mindset you start generating questions but you need to overcome the challenge of getting online answers from people. To do that you need a responsive system that works on your customer’s favourite device, engages them in a digital conversation and rewards them, like a free game of bowling.

By asking questions Billy discovered 78% of his clientele aged 18 to 24 weren’t interested in Rock N’ Bowl on Friday nights. So he brought in a deejay and changed the format to “Dubstep Bowl”.

He found out that a dinner was too much for the after-work crowd so started serving sliders with a free drink. And, he learned that at the weekend he was competing with three major activities for the family market: church, videogames, and sports. So he created “Benny’s Brunch” to give families price-friendly packages that combine a round of matinée bowling with full-on breakfast.

Is it time for you to get closer to your customer and perhaps change what you offer?

Image from Flickr by Jade Palmer.

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