Mapping for success


Customer journey mapping is the processes of drawing your customer’s experience with your business.

Customer journey mapping is the processes of drawing your customer’s experience with your business.

The act of producing a map puts you in the customer’s shoes and allows you to better understand how your customer feels when they engage with you.

Start with thinking about all the touch points, some will be big and some will be small. For example, if you are an estate agent a big touch point will be coming to your office or viewing a house. A small touch point will be the telephone call to arrange these meetings or parking at your office.

The idea is to map your customer’s journey from the first touch point to the last. This could be responding to your advertising right through to a follow-up survey after they bought from you.

You may need to take account of multiple paths to a single point, for example, they may respond to a newspaper advert or a Facebook advert.

It is important to consider how back-office processes impact what the customer sees and to identify the touch points that can be considered the moments of truth. These are the interactions that have a major impact on the customer.

Can you improve the 20% of touch points that make 80% of the difference?

Like all developments, it’s important to measure what you’re trying to improve. So, before making any changes implement a measurement system.

A key benefit of customer journey mapping is aligning the marketing, operations and finance functions. The objective is to create a Raving Fan who comes back and tells everyone they know.uses pictures to represent a process that cannot be adequately captured with words.

If you are familiar with customer journey mapping, then you know that it can be incredibly complex. However, journey mapping is a useful activity, even when it is not perfect or sophisticated.

Some disciplines (like heart surgery) should not be attempted without formal training, but customer journey mapping is more like entrepreneurship: While you can get a formal business coach to assist you, you can also dive in and learn by doing. Used in the right circumstances, either method can be effective.

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