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Marketing automation is the software which performs some marketing tasks and actions automatically.

Marketing automation is the software which performs some marketing tasks and actions automatically. This includes repetitive tasks like sending emails, social media updates and other website actions.

There are a number of applications on the market and for the purposes of this article I am going to consider

With the system you can build fully automated workflows tailored to your goals.  ActiveCampaign call these “Automations” and they can save you time, help you stay organized, and make more money by improving your marketing and sales processes.

After you set up a workflow it can run with no input from you so creating automations is a good use of your time.

They are a chain of events that runs when triggered by starting conditions. The automation runs by combining triggers, actions, and logic. Using an Automation Builder it’s possible to mix and match these elements in unique ways to create automation workflows that accomplish a wide variety of tasks.

Here are six ways your business can benefit from marketing automation:

Create intelligence follow-ups
Rather than a basic timed sequence of emails that treats all your contacts exactly the same, you can create sophisticated follow-ups which treat contacts differently depending on which they are what they have done.

For example, you could check to see which link a contact clicked in your welcome email and send entirely different messages.

React in real-time
Automations can begin when your contact performs an action such as visiting a page of your website, opening an email or submitting a form.

You can create automations that perform actions in “reaction” to this behaviour. For instance, if someone visits your pricing page repeatedly (but have not yet made a purchase) you could send them an invitation to schedule a time to speak by phone to get their questions answered.

Gather data on contacts
You can use automations to track your contacts as they interact with you.  Their behaviour will provide you with insight into their needs, wants and concerns.

Qualify leads
You can score leads based on their level of engagement by increasing their score as they you’re your emails and visit your website.

When a lead or contact reaches a score you define, a deal can be created and the lead can be assigned to a sales person.

Update opportunities automatically
Save time updating sales opportunities so your deals move through your pipeline stages without requiring time and attention.

Improve sales insight
Automations can apply tags and notes to contacts so that by the time you start selling you have insight into their interests and what they are hoping to get out of your product.

I am not recommended ActiveCampaign but there is a free trial if you are interested.

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