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Meditation for better results

Our thinking determines our actions and our actions determine our results so doesn’t it make sense to think about using our mind more effectively?

In this article we’ll explore how a few minutes a day can:

  • Improve our focus
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Boost teamwork

Meditation is no longer reserved for Buddhist monks and hippies. It has slowly become main stream and is now recognised as having health and psychological benefits along with mindfulness.

If it’s good for you then it could be good for your business. A study by the University of Washington Seattle concluded that human attention is a trainable resource and that certain forms of meditation constitute a viable form of such training.

Regular meditation helps train the mind to focus. This can help you and your team stay with the task in hand and to be fully present in meetings and presentations. One of the things meditation helps with is being able to recognise when the mind wanders (which is natural) so it can be brought back to the present.

There is plenty of research that supports that meditation reduces stress and we know that stress reduces productivity, so there is a business case for regular meditation as it can boost your business’s productivity.

Regular mediators can become better team members by being more empathetic and accepting.

If you are interested in exploring meditation check out an App called Headspace and think about setting up some personal Key Performance Indicators on around focus, stress and teamwork.

Image from Flickr by Konstantin Stepanov.

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