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The CORD Productivity Model – Part 2

Once we have collected all of our inputs together. It’s time to organise them. Organisation is key so that our worker self can get on with tasks that need to be done without thinking of anything but the action itself.

There are three lists:-

  • Projects List
  • Master Actions List
  • Daily to-do List

A project can be anything that requires multiple actions to be performed for it to be completed. You may have different categories of projects, for example you may have work projects, home projects, work could be split out into sub categories: Work – Sales , Work – People, Work – Finance.

The Master Actions list is a list of every single task / action that you could do at any point from any project, both work and home. Each action should be categorised in terms of priority, attention needed (Proactive Attention, Active Attention, Inactive Attention), location (home, office, train and so on) . You should be able to dive into your list and pull up a tasks that can be worked on at any given time/location. So lets say your on a train journey, it’s late in the day, your not feeling fully proactive but you have an hour to kill. You can jump in pull off a list of actions that are tagged as not needing to be proactive and can be done anywhere. Actions should be named in such a way that requires minimum thinking to just jump straight in and get on with them.

The Daily to-do list is the list of actions you identify to work on today. In the morning go through you master actions list and pull out a list of actions you are going to work on today. You can use the different tags you have assigned If you use something like to-doist , this could be going through and putting a scheduled date of today or marking them as urgent.

You may need to revisit this shortlist during the day, things change, you get a surprise visit from a client who stays for an hour. You made need to remove some actions from your list that you won’t have time to do now. Having things in your list that you know you are not going to achieve leads to stress and distraction. If is not going to get done be realistic.

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