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The CORD Productivity Model – Part 3

The review habit comprises daily and weekly checklists designed to help your attention and focus for maximum efficiency.

The weekly checklist

Everyone’s checklist may be different, although there are consistent themes in a consistent order. The five key stages are:-

  1. Get all your inputs back to zero
  2. Get your second brain up to speed
  3. Think ahead
  4. Get ready – look at what’s going to happen in the next week an prepare.
  5. Questions.

When and where to go through your weekly checklist is down to you, just bare in mind that you need to be able to spend the time to see it through to completion. Depending on what you do you may need physical space to lay things out. If you are office based all day you may want to be out of the office to avoid any interruptions and allow you to think better. Get in a routine, have a specific day/time this helps to build a habit and helps make sure its gets done.

The daily checklist

This is a short process  designed to kick start your day. Is comprises of 5 questions and should take no more that 5mins.

  1. Calendar – what’s in my calendar today and are there any deadlines looming in the next 3-5 days?
  2. Big Rocks – What would a good day of actions look like today? Whats to one or two big rocks that need some attention.
  3. Resistance- Out of those tasks which am i most likely resist? Pick that one and get it done first.
  4. Attention management – out of those tasks which need doing at what attention periods.
  5. Dependencies – Are any of the actions dependant on anything or anyone else

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