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What is a positive sales culture?

Retaining customers and selling more to them is the lowest cost way to generate revenue but you may also need to win new customers.

A positive sales culture is where selling is seen as a service to the customer; helping customers achieve their goals. Not selling is perceived as a disservice.

There are the key characteristics of a positive sales culture:

Extended sales force
Many hands make less work; to achieve an ambitious sales target you may need more people selling but that doesn’t mean you need to employ more salespeople.

When a business has a positive sales culture, everyone sees it as their job to sell. This may not mean everyone taking customers through the entire process but everyone could be involved.

In a service business, like accountancy, the obvious choice is to ensure that the people with the direct client contact learn how to be better salespeople. That isn’t hard because selling is about asking questions and listening.

A commitment to excellence
Best practice takes time and energy to develop; with a positive sales culture people collaborate, share their knowledge and experiences.

A team of people working together can create a documented sales system, like an operations manual which will produce predictable results. This could include:

  • List of benefits for customers
  • Sales questions
  • Ways to respond to objections
  • Detailed explanation of the customer journey

Data driven mindset
The sales function, like any other are of the business, is best managed by the numbers.

A business with a positive sales culture will track the metrics so they can gain actionable insights from the data. This includes looking at all stages of the sales pipeline including conversions and timelines.

A business with a positive sales culture will share results with some form of dashboard.

Not only is this a great way of encourage some healthy competition but it encourages other areas of the business to share performance.

Transparency is a key discipline of strategy execution and something can help you with.

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