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What jobs are you helping with?

There is a famous saying “people don’t buy quarter-inch drill bits, they want a quarter inch hole”. But do they?

Do people want a hole in their wall or do they want to hang a picture up?

The “Jobs To Be Done” (JTBD) innovation framework is a way of thinking that can bring you new insights. This can help you develop your product and service but also enhance your marketing messages.

JTBD theory is based on the premise that people hire products and services to help them make progress with jobs they need to get done.  With this thinking you stop trying to create a better drill and focus on the job of hanging a picture on the wall. This means you are not limited to trying to develop a better drill or strong drill-bit.

With JTBD thinking you are encouraged to target people who will pay the most to get the job done best.  And, you’ll increase your return from product development and de-risk your business because you’re focused on helping customers get the job done better.

Jobs can be split into eight steps so think about the stage you help your customer.

  • Define
  • Locate
  • Prepare
  • Confirm
  • Execute
  • Monitor
  • Modify
  • Conclude

At Ten Accountants I can help you:

  • Define your financial goals by creating a life plan
  • Locate the funds to drive your business forward
  • Prepare a Business Model
  • Confirm your Winning Strategy is powerful enough
  • Execute the Winning Strategy with Goal Driver software
  • Monitor your performance
  • Modify your model and strategy to improve results
  • Conclude by working out when you can exit the business

Can you map your customer’s job and look for new and better ways to help them?

Image from Flickr by Hamza Butt.

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