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What’s your proven process?

The idea of having (and illustrating) your “Proven Process” and then supporting it with a guarantee comes from the book Traction: Get a grip on your business by Gino Wickman.

Having a proven process helps you communicate more effectively. While your competition is telling the market how good they are you are able to show them. It also results in simplicity, scalability and higher profitability.

Here’s how to create your process:

Step 1 – identify the major steps of your customer journey from enquiry to follow up. There will typically be between three and seven steps.

Step 2 – add two to five bullet points under each step – these provide as an aid to explain the process to a prospect.

Step 3 – name the process…if you cannot come up with a name call the process “The XYZ Way”.

Step 4 – get a professional designer to create a visual representation of the process based on your corporate identify.

Step 5 – get your Proven Process laminated and up on your Website.

When you have your Proven Process you can support this with a guarantee.

Your guarantee is an opportunity to pinpoint and solve an industry-wide problem and give your clients/customer peace of mind. This will help you close more sales and encourages your business to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

A great example of a guarantee is Premier Inn’s “good night’s sleep” guarantee. While the other low cost hotels are guaranteeing the best price Premier Inn is focussing on something more important than price.

Here are tips to create a great guarantee:

  • Relevant and meaningful
  • Credible and believable
  • Simple, clear and concise
  • Committed to customer outcome
  • Obvious and explicit

The Proven Process and guarantee is part of your strategy. If you’d like to work on this get in touch.

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