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Who sets your employees targets?

A key part of Goal Driver is having individual goals linked to the business goals. This is done with individual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are reported on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

But, who sets them?

The Goal Driver KPI model is based on profiling employees by considering their capability (skill) and motivation (will).

The four categories are:

  • Low skill and low will
  • Low skill with high will
  • High skill and low will
  • High skill with high will

The first two categories of people to consider are the low will.

The first think you need to do is get to the root cause of the low levels of motivation.

One thing you can do to trigger motivation is to inspire people by developing a winning business strategy. A key part of this is having a non-financial purpose which can be linked to your personal goals.  I wrote a post on this and you can also look at Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” Website.

If you can trigger high levels of motivation is all team you only have two types of employees:

  • Low skill with high will
  • High skill with high will

You need to set targets, teach/train, praise and provide guidance for low skill people. But, the people with high skill can set their set their own KPIs. You just need to support them and collaborate on decisions.

You could call the low skill people “apprentices” and the high skill people “masters”. And, you could consider asking the masters to set the targets for the appreciative and mentor them.

If you are left with any “low will” people you need to keep looking to tap into their motivators and move them into “high will”.

If you cannot get someone motivated then maybe they are in the wrong business or wrong job.

If you would like to have a look at Goal Driver let me know.

Image from Flickr by Richard Matthews.

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