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Why are we ten?

Naming a business is not easy…here is our thinking behind ten.

The core concept is based on the saying “count to ten” when you get stressed out. We do not want our clients stressed about things we can help with like business and money. One way to avoid stress is to be in control and business planning (a key part of Improving the Numbers) will help bring a feeling of control.

We can also help you with personal planning by completing a lifestyle review. We do this by creating a cashflow forecast for you as an individual. We can run different scenarios based on your plans for the future and work out your “number”. This is the amount of money you need to ensure you can live the life you want without running out of cash.

Personal and business planning is the start on taking control of your life.

We also use technology to help you de-stress. Xero accounting software will also help you get control over your business finances. There are many features in the software that will save you time and hassle.

Another idea behind the brand ten is “count on ten”. You can rely on us to keep the taxman off your back, give you world class service and practical business advice.

And finally, Ten is the number of perfection, like the Dudley Moore film with Bo Derek. Our aim is to deliver a ten out of ten service.

  • We are committed to helping you grow your business

  • We are highly qualified and experienced

  • Specialist in tax planning

  • Fair and reasonable pricing policy