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Win by listening, teaching and solving problems

A book by business owner Marcus Sheridan called “They Ask, You Answer” about content marketing, a way of generating leads by educating prospects by sharing valuable information.

Instead of trying to build the brand you educate customers and become the trusted voice in your industry. The three elements are listening, teaching and helping solve problems for your target market.

Listen to the questions your potential customers have with online content like blog posts, videos and eBooks, even big questions like the price, what can go wrong, what other options the customer has, how you compare to the competition and who is the best competitor?

The key is to understand that you should ignore bad fits for your business, so if your price is too high them you don’t want enquiries who can’t afford or don’t what to pay your price.

Be radically honest and explain what can go wrong and that you may not be the right option. This puts the customer in control and helps them make a decision. And, understand that customers are willing to consume content. Two examples that highlight this are River Pools and Paddi Lund.

River Pools are a pool construction company who used Content Marketing to survive the crash in 2008 and send and encourage potential buyers to read a 35-page eBook and watch a video. Paddi Lund is a referral only Dentist based in Australia who sends out his Welcome Book explaining how his business operates and details of his high end, expensive services before meeting new clients.

This marketing content can have a dramatic impact on sales; when prospects reads the River Pools book the sale win percentage is 80% compared to 5% where people don’t invest the time. The book increases perceived value and filters out shoppers from buyers.

The idea is to create a Content Culture with four steps

  • Gain buy-in from top to bottom in your company
  • Get everybody involved in the content creation
  • Hire a content manager with strong journalism skills
  • Use the right tools to measure success and prove ROI.

If you’d like to explore this then perhaps could be used to help you execute and achieve your goals.

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